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For U.S. and European Vehicles Identification and Weight Listing
KAYM.NO. FIG D m/m O m/m L m/m R m/m P m/m N.WEIGHT G.WEIGHT
KY-200L A0 24.00   63.30     290g 340g
KY-297 D0 24.06   78.40     500g 520g
KY-300 A4 19.04   51.95     170g 220g
KY-350 A4 19.04   51.95     170g 220g
KY-400 A0 23.82   61.30     275g 325g
KY-410 A0 24.00   63.30     290g 340g
KY-500 A1 23.82   61.30     275g 325g
KY-500L A0 23.82   61.30     285g 335g
KY-510 A1 23.82   61.30     285g 340g
KY-600 A0 23.82   61.30     260g 310g
KY-700 A3 26.99   61.90     285g 340g
KY-720 A4 25.00   56.90     270g 320g
KY-730 A4 25.00   56.90     270g 320g
KY-800 A3 26.99   61.95     300g 355g
KY-1000 A1 26.99   81.75     480g 530g
KY-1000L A0 26.99   81.75     490g 540g
KY-1020 B0 26.99 52.59       510g 565g
KY-1100 A1 26.99   74.60     425g 480g
KY-1210 A3 26.99   61.95     410g 465g
KY-1210L A3 26.99   61.95     400g 455g
KY-1550 A1 34.92   126.10     1230g 1430g
KY-1600 A4 23.00   58.20     265g 315g
KY-1650 A3 22.03   58.80     230g 280g
KY-1660 A3 22.03   58.80     230g 280g
KY-1670 D0 24.06   62.40     320g 375g
KY-1700 A4 22.00   55.60     230g 280g
KY-1700L A0 22.00   55.60     250g 300g
KY-1710 B3 24.00 40.00       280g 330g
KY-1720 B1 28.00 44.00       440g 490g
KY-1730 A4 23.82   62.40     330g 385g
KY-1740 B0 31.00 45.10       600g 660g
KY-1760 D0 22.06   67.00     450g 505g
KY-1770 D0 22.06   64.00     420g 475g
KY-1780 A1 27.01   80.00     490g 540g
KY-2000 A1 30.18   106.30     820g 920g
KY-2000L A0 30.18   106.30     850g 950g
KY-2010 A1 32.00   106.30     895g 1000g
KY-2050 A1 30.18   106.30     820g 920g
KY-2050L A0 30.18   106.30     850g 950g
KY-2100 A2 30.18   82.00     640g 740g
KY-2200 A1 30.18   92.05     680g 780g
KY-2200L A0 30.18   92.05     730g 830g
KY-2210 B1 30.18 60.91       680g 780g
KY-2300 A1 34.92   106.30     1120g 1320g
KY-2500 B4 31.25 46.05       580g 680g
KY-2560 B1 30.00 57.00       680g 780g
KY-2600 B1 31.25 71.40       890g 990g
KY-2770 G1 29.03   74.85     760g 860g
KY-2800 G1 29.03   74.85     760g 860g
KY-2970 D0 24.06   78.40     450g 550g
KY-3000 E1 39.69   115.95     1815g 3115g
KY-3500 A1 39.69   115.95     1580g 1810g
KY-3500L A0 39.69   115.95     1620g 1850g
KY-3800 F1 44.04   126.00     2240g 2840g
KY-3810 F4 50.00   152.60     3700g 4200g
KY-3820 F4 50.00   152.60     3700g 4200g
KY-3838 A1 34.93   126.10     1230g 1430g
KY-3840 A1 44.00   149.00     2240g 2640g
KY-3850 A1 39.00   127.00     1560g 2160g
KY-3860 A1 50.00   164.00     3060g 3060g
KY-3870 A1 44.00   149.00     2240g 3640g
KY-3880 A1 50.00   164.00     3060g 3660g
KY-4000 E1 47.62   134.90     2890g 3490g
KY-4010 E1 49.00   135.00     2300g 2900g
KY-4470   47.00   116.00        
KY-5000 E1 49.20   154.74     2490g 4090g
KY-5010 E1 49.00   154.96     3050g 3650g
KY-5950 B3 25.40 39.60       340g 390g
KY-5950L B0 25.40 39.60       360g 410g
KY-5960 J3 25.40 38.80   33.34 65.00 440g 490g
KY-5970 J3 25.40 38.80   33.34 72.50 610g 660g
KY-5970L J0 25.40 38.80   33.34 72.50 630g 680g
KY-6010 I0       33.32 79.35 1520g 2150g
KY-6100 J1 25.40 54.75   33.34 79.28 1430g 2000g
KY-6200 B1 25.40 55.55       410g 480g
KY-7000 B4 28.00 42.00       430g 485g
KY-7010 B3 24.00 34.40       310g 360g
KY-7010L B0 24.00 34.40       330g 380g
KY-7020 B0 29.00 51.90       510g 550g
KY-7050 J3 28.98 (64.00)       500g 540g
KY-7060 A0 28.98 (64.00) 75.46     500g 540g
KY-7100 J3 25.40 38.80   33.00 65.00 510g 550g
KY-7150 B3 25.40 38.80       370g 410g
KY-7200 B4 34.00 51.30       875g 975g
KY-7280 B1 28.00 49.00       520g 550g
KY-7280/3 B0 28.00 49.00       495g 540g
KY-7280/4 D0 24.06   74.40     420g 460g
KY-7290 B0 29.52 51.60       520g 560g
KY-7300 B4 38.00 56.00       1070g 1270g
KY-7390 A4 50.00   153.80     3250g 3575g
KY-7410 A4 26.00   69.80     340g 380g
KY-7410L A0 26.00   69.80     360g 400g
KY-7420 A4 30.00   81.70     500g 540g
KY-7430 A1 35.00   96.80     1000g 1200g
KY-7440 B4 38.00   106.10     1130g 1300g
KY-7460 A1 44.00   124.85     2000g 2400g
KY-7470 B4 42.00 66.00       1700g 1810g
KY-7490 A4 45.04   118.10     2000g 2400g
KY-7530 A4 45.04   120.40     2000g 2400g
KY-7540 A4 45.04   121.60     2050g 2450g
KY-7560 A4 52.05   133.00     3500g 3800g
KY-7590 A4 52.00   133.00     3500g 3800g
KY-7600   52.00   147.20        
KY-7610 A4 53.00   135.00     3700g 4100g
KY-7620 A4 48.00   126.20        
KY-7800 A4 22.00   59.00     245g 295g
KY-7800L A0 22.00   59.00     265g 315g
KY-7900 B4 26.01 45.20       370g 420g
KY-8100 A4 47.00   131.10     3800g 4200g
KY-8110 A4 50.00   131.10     4100g 4400g
KY-8130 A4 57.00   144.00     3800g 4200g
KY-9010 A4 19.02   47.80     200g 250g
KY-9730   48.00   116.50        
KY-4371D A4 60.00   152.00        
KAYM.NO. D m/m O m/m L m/m R m/m P m/m
KY-1X 23.82   61.30    
KY-2X 26.99   74.60    
KY-4X 26.99   74.60    
KY-6X 26.99   81.76    
KY-7X 30.18   92.08    
KY-10X 30.18   106.36    
KY-14X 23.82   61.30    
KY-30X 39.69   115.85    
KY-54X 71.43   223.04    
KY-74X 26.99 52.57      
KY-88X 34.93 76.20      
KY-92X 24.61 33.51      
KY-100X 25.40 39.50      
KY-101X 23.82   61.30    
KY-102X 26.99   74.60    
KY-103X 23.83 35.00      
KY-105X 25.40 39.50      
KY-111X 23.82   61.30    
KY-113X 27.00   81.76    
KY-115X 39.69   115.85    
KY-121X 27.00   81.76    
KY-124X 59.10   167.49    
KY-129X 28.60   66.50    
KY-130X 26.99   92.08    
KY-134X 27.00   (1)92.07(1)81.75    
KY-150X (1)26.99(2)28.58 (2)65.10 (1)81.76    
KY-153X 27.00   81.76    
KY-155X 34.93   126.21    
KY-160X 30.18   106.36    
KY-165X 41.24   142.00    
KY-170X 23.82 35.10      
KY-174X 26.99 52.27      
KY-178X 30.18   92.08    
KY-185X 55.55   205.59    
KY-186X 43.88   205.59 71.44 209.55
KY-188X 34.93   106.36    
KY-200X 26.99   81.75    
KY-212X (1)27.02(2)28.60 (1)60.20 (2)92.08    
KY-213X 26.99   92.08    
KY-220X 34.93   126.21 42.85 114.3
KY-221X 34.92   140.40 42.80 126.00
KY-242X 27.00 42.43      
KY-243X 31.75   81.53    
KY-248X (1)25.40(2)26.99 (1)40.66 (2)61.92    
KY-251X 26.99   81.76    
KY-252X 26.99   81.76    
KY-260X 26.99 52.57      
KY-263X 34.93   106.36    
KY-264X 22.20   73.60    
KY-273X 27.00 62.09      
KY-275X 34.93   126.21    
KY-279X 47.62   134.90    
KY-280X 49.22   154.74    
KY-281X 49.22   191.69    
KY-297X 30.18 52.27      
KY-303X 34.92   126.10 42.80 140.40
KY-308X 55.50   206.00    
KY-310X 26.99   81.76    
KY-315X 26.99   81.76    
KY-324X 49.22   209.55 71.45 191.69
KY-326X 55.55   209.55 71.45 205.59
KY-330X 41.20   142.00 49.20 148.20
KY-345X 30.18   107.97 36.50 106.29
KY-350X 27.00 56.53      
KY-353X (1)27.00(2)27.40 50.98 81.76    
KY-407X 49.21   177.80    
KY-430X 24.61 (1)38.10(2)36.65      
KY-431X 33.30   67.48    
KY-438X 47.62   (1)135.00(2)135.00    
KY-443X 26.99   61.95    
KY-450X (1)27.01(2)27.00 (1)52.50 (2)81.78    
KY-456X 27.00 38.67      
KY-460X (1)27.00(2)30.20   (1)81.76(2)92.08    
KY-469X 49.20   (1)179.98(2)177.98    
KY-470X 49.20   178.00    
KY-510X 49.20   (1)191.69(2)194.00    
KY-515X 49.20   (1)157.10(2)157.10    
KY-521X 27.00 62.09      
KY-544X (1)28.60(2)27.00 (2)60.00 (1)81.40    
KY-674X 47.62   (1)135.00(2)135.00    
KY-675X 49.20   (1)154.70(2)157.10    
KY-676X 49.20   (1)191.68(2)194.00    
KY-677X 49.20   (1)177.98(2)179.98    
KY-810X 49.20   (1)191.69(2)194.00    
KY-1200X 27.00 57.33      
KY-1201X (1)26.99(2)28.58   81.76    
KY-1203X 26.99 67.55 92.08    
KY-1204X (1)26.99(2)28.58 60.20 92.08    
KY-1205X 30.18 62.09 65.10    
KY-1206X 30.18 76.38      
KY-1300X 31.26 46.05      
KY-1301X 31.26 71.20      
KY-1306X 27.39 50.98      
KY-1306XS 27.39 50.98      
KY-1307X 31.27 50.80      
KY-1309X 28.58 63.68      
KY-1312X (1)、(2)28.58 62.09 92.08    
KY-1500X 20.02 35.00      
KY-1501X 25.02 40.00      
KY-1502X 26.01 42.00      
KY-1503X 25.00   63.80    
KY-1504X 25.00 40.00      
KY-1505X 28.00 53.10      
KY-1506X 38.02 56.232      
KY-1507X 28.00 53.10      
KY-1508X 26.00 53.60      
KY-1509X 28.50 77.90      
KY-1510X 29.00 49.00      
KY-1511X 32.00 61.00      
KY-1513X 26.50 48.00      
KY-1514X 22.50 35.20      
KY-1515X 29.00 49.00      
KY-1516X 25.00   77.00    
KY-2002X       33.34 79.00
KY-2011X 25.40 55.55      
KY-2031X 25.40   79.22 33.34 79.22
KY-2033X 25.40   79.00 33.34 54.50
KY-2116X       33.34 79.00
KY-2173X (1)28.60(2)25.40 (2)59.53 (1)81.75    
KY-2530X (1)28.71(2)27.18 53.98 81.76    
KY-2532X 28.57 53.97      
KY-3000X       36.50 90.40
KY-3011X 28.60 59.90      
KY-3014X       36.50 90.40
KY-3022X (1)27.00(2)28.60 60.20 81.78    
KY-3147X 28.60 62.08      
KY-4002X       36.50 108.00
KY-4016X 28.50   108.00 36.50 77.90
KY-4105X 28.60 77.60 109.60    
KY-4123X       36.50 108.00
KY-4140X       36.50 108.00
KY-4143X       36.50 108.00
KY-5000X       42.88 115.06
KY-5008X       33.33 79.31
KY-5121X       42.88 115.06
KY-5154X       33.35 114.96
KY-5173X       42.88 115.06
KY-5177X       42.88 115.06
KY-5802X       49.20 134.80
KY-6000X       42.88 140.45
KY-6102X       42.88 140.45
KY-6106X       42.70 140.20
KY-6108X   (R1)42.88 (P1)140.45 (R2)49.22 (P2)148.38
KY-6109X   (R1)42.88 (P1)140.45 (R2)49.22 (P2)148.38
KY-7000X       49.22 148.40
KY-7006X       41.29 104.77
KY-7150X       49.20 148.40
KY-7202X       49.20 148.40
KY-7260X       49.20 148.40
KY-8105X       49.20 206.40
KY-8200X       49.20 206.31
KY-8201X       49.20 206.31
KY-8203X       49.20 206.31
KY-8500X       71.60 165.00
KY-8516X       71.80 165.00
KY-9001X       71.44 209.62
KY-9002X       71.44 209.51
KY-9016X       71.44 209.62
KY-12062X 48.05   161.00    
KY-12100X 45.00   120.40    
KY-12213X 38.00 56.23      
KY-12219X 48.05   125.80    
KY-12276X 44.10   149.00    
KY-12278X 50.00   164.00    
KY-12924X 52.00   133.00    
KY-13400X 23.82   61.29    
GUK-12 27.00   80.00    
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